Cindy Hill, Co-Founder


Cindy Hill has spent a lifetime giving back to community driven organizations and programs designed to elevate and create opportunities for the under-served members of the community at large. When she’s not working as the Chief Financial Officer of Programming Solutions INC,  she can be found deep within the fabric of an array of companies and organizations that are built on a foundation of bridging the gap between success and African American youth.


She serves as an Executive Board Member for Youth Determined to Succeed, an organization that provides programs to fight childhood obesity in the black community. She has served as an Executive Board Member for the Hoops Club at the University of Mankato, a Community Outreach Representative for Breck School, and the Program Director for the Minneapolis Chapter of the prestigious Jack and Jill Foundation. Additionally she’s an avid volunteer and counts the Goodwill and a myriad of other organizations as companies that stand for the work she hopes to continue building in her community.